[openssl-users] Dumb question about DES

Scott Neugroschl scott_n at xypro.com
Thu May 11 18:13:07 UTC 2017

OK.  Are the 3DES CBC ciphers still part of DEFAULT?

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Those ciphers are triple-DES, not single-DES.  (The "CBC3" gives it away ... well, not exactly.)
The single-DES ciphers were removed in release 1.1.0 (they are included in the "40 and 56 bit cipher support removed from libssl" item in the release notes), though the raw crypto primitives remain in libcrypto.

On 05/11/2017 11:07 AM, Scott Neugroschl wrote:
Has DES been deprecated in OpenSSL?  If so, what release?  In particular the following ciphers

      0.19 EDH-DSS-DES-CBC3-SHA

      0.22 EDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA

    192.13 ECDH-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA




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