[openssl-users] Build from source; library not found?

Hiran Chaudhuri hiran.chaudhuri at mail.de
Sat May 20 11:10:46 UTC 2017

Am 19-May-2017 00:36:18 +0200 schrieb openssl-users at dukhovni.org: 

> hiran.chaudhuri> Now this is interesting. Yes, openssl can find both the libraries
 > hiran.chaudhuri> libssl and libcrypto. Would that imply that rpath is only a setting
 > hiran.chaudhuri> for application (executables) but not for shared libraries?
 > hiran.chaudhuri> In that case the test I tried would be totally meaningless.
 > Yes, that's correct.

 NO, it is not correct, shared libraries also have rpaths for their
 own dependencies. And when building OpenSSL for installation in
 non-default locations (not /usr/lib and the like) the libraries
 should have an rpath.


 Hi Viktor.   It would sound logical. But how could I then enforce the runpath to be set in the libraries?   Hiran
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