[openssl-users] Graceful shutdown of TLS connection for blocking sockets

Thomas J. Hruska shinelight at shininglightpro.com
Mon Oct 9 03:38:48 UTC 2017

On 10/8/2017 5:58 PM, Kyle Hamilton wrote:
> Do you have a reference to what should be done instead?
> My understanding of what happens with blocking sockets is that
> SSL_read() will return SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ if it needs additional data
> read from a socket that doesn't have it available (and will return
> SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE if it needs to write for a handful of reasons,
> but can't).  I had thought that the appropriate response would be to
> add that descriptor to the appropriate set to query on the next call
> to select(), and then call the same function with the same parameters
> so the library can advance its state machine.
> write() and read() have the means to tell you how much data was
> written or read, and that's what you're supposed to use to keep
> blocking descriptors from hanging your application, I thought.
> -Kyle H

With blocking sockets, you just loop back around and repeat the same 
call if either of those messages are returned by SSL_get_error().  No 
select() required.

Blocking operations will block (aka "hang") your application until the 
operation completes.  If you don't want that to happen, then that's what 
non-blocking descriptors are for.

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