[openssl-users] SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init

Chris Bare chris.bare at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 20:27:31 UTC 2017

I have the following code:

setup_ssl (char *server_name, char *port, SSL_CTX *ctx)
    BIO *output = BIO_new_ssl_connect (ctx);
    if (!output)
        return (NULL);
    BIO_get_ssl (output, &ssl);
    SSL_set_mode (ssl, SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY);
    SSL_set_verify (ssl, true, NULL);
    BIO_set_conn_hostname (output, server_name);
    BIO_set_conn_port(output, port);

    if (BIO_do_connect (output) <= 0)
        BIO_free (output);
        return (NULL);

If the server I'm trying to connect to does not have ssl enabled, I get the
SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol
and BIO_do_connect fails as expected, but BIO_free gives this error:
SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init

If I don't free it, I have a memory leak.
Is there something else I need to do to clean up the BIO?
I tried calling BIO_do_handshake, but that crashes (not surprised).

Chris Bare
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