[openssl-users] ENGINE_by_id creates ENGINE with load_ssl_client_cert = null

Leszek Kosowski kosowskileszek.leko at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 20:28:02 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

When I execute ENGINE_by_id ('pkcs11') I get a ENGINE structure where
load_ssl_client_cert (ENGINE_SSL_CLIENT_CERT_PTR type) is null.
I'm using Gemalto and Athena cards.

Is this behavior related to a card or a pkcs11 engine?

This is a problem because calling SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_engine and
ENGINE_load_ssl_client_cert calls AV in libeay32.dll.

How can I write my own function load_ssl_client_cert?

Leszek Kosowski
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