[openssl-users] TLS 1.3 performance

Neetish Pathak npathak2 at ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 14 20:20:02 UTC 2017


I worked on TLS 1.3 performance bench-marking. After my tests, I found that
TLS 1.3 based resumption is not giving us the connection latency benefits
when tested in a LAN environment. It is slower than TLS 1.2. When tested on
WAN, definitely, TLS 1.3 fares better than TLS 1.2.
I want your suggestion on whether can I work on the following problem for
my research project: *"Investigating why TLS 1.3
resumption/0-RTT/full-handshake doesn't provide the  desired connection
latency benefits in LAN and the ways to make it faster?"*
I want suggestions/references on the right research problem. Any ideas will
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
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