[openssl-users] How to load the right engine?

Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL uri at ll.mit.edu
Tue Sep 26 21:53:17 UTC 2017

I’m debugging programmatic access to a (modified) pkcs11 engine. My system has several OpenSSL installations: Apple-provided OpenSSL-0.9.8 (kept as that came with the OS :), Macports-installed OpenSSL-1.0.2l (the main one installed to /opt/local, used by everything Macports builds, and what I use mostly for my software), and a couple of OpenSSL-1.1.x installations mostly used for debugging.


Libp11 is installed in /opt/local/lib/engines, and that version is built for/compatible with OpenSSL-1.0.2.


There’s an installation of OpenSSL-1.1.0-stable in ~/openssl-1.1. libp11 built for 1.1 is installed in ~/openssl-1.1/lib/engines-1.1 directory. So far so good.


The problem I’m having now is – my application appears to be getting the wrong pkcs11 engine (the one for 1.0.2), based on the error message I get on decrypting, which is indicative of the unmodified libp11 version (not the one I’m working with for 1.1).


Question: how do I ensure/verify that the right pkcs11 library is loaded?


Tail of openssl.cnf:



   engine_id = pkcs11

   dynamic_path = /Users/ur20980/openssl-1.1/lib/engines-1.1/pkcs11.dylib

   MODULE_PATH = /usr/local/lib/yubihsm_pkcs11.dylib

   init = 0






Uri Blumenthal

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