[openssl-users] ar : File format not recognized

Bill Kurland bill at panix.com
Tue Apr 17 21:18:36 UTC 2018

I'm trying to build openssl-1.1.0h on AIX 6.1 with the ultimate goal of 
building the IO::Socket::SSL perl module.

make fails when creating libcrypto.a and libssl.a because, it seems, the 
*.o files are in a format not recognized by ar

I've passed "-Wl,-baix5coff64-rs6000" in config. I've also set 
LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath=/usr/local/openssl/lib -Wl,-baix5coff64-rs6000" 
though I don't see how that would have an effect on this problem.

I get the same result when I try to run ar command shown in the make 
output from the command line:
         ar r ../test2.sh

where test2.sh contains all the *.o files in crypto

Every source I can find seems to indicate that gcc should just 'know' 
what the correct file format is. Am I missing something? Well, obviously 
I'm missing something. Can anyone point out what?

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