[openssl-users] TLS 1.3 and the release

PGNet Dev pgnet.dev at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 20:01:19 UTC 2018

> I'm just dealing with trying to get openssl 1.1.0 to get installed on Ubuntu
> bionic.  Yes, there is a package, but all the other packages depend upon
> 1.0.x.... and many things are linking against 1.0.x rather than 1.1, when
> both are installed...  I don't know why they build stuff against 1.0.x
> rather than 1.1.0: I think it's a packaging oops.

In the "I'm guessing this is NOT news to anyone HERE" category ....

Even the packages that DO 'build against' 1.1.0 frequently do so by 
banking on deprecated symbols made possible by lazy (imo) api-compat usage.

Packagers are frequently NOT cleaning up their openssl version-check 
logic, and cleaning out old-/deprecated- symbols.  In my experience, 
most seem not to be interested, either; instead, the response mantra to 
entreaties about clean/modern "--api=1.1.0" compatibility is "that's not 
what the distros provide; just use that".

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