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Jordan Brown openssl at jordan.maileater.net
Mon Aug 13 20:53:23 UTC 2018

On 8/13/2018 11:25 AM, Viktor Dukhovni wrote:
>> On Aug 13, 2018, at 2:13 PM, Jordan Brown <openssl at jordan.maileater.net> wrote:
>> I'm curious:  how did this ever work for HTTPS, where for a POST request you have to see the end of the request body before you can (in general) send the response?
> This is no longer OpenSSL-specific.  Best to wind down this thread.
> HTTP has a "Content-Length:" header or alternatively supports Chunked
> transfers.

You're right that it's not OpenSSL-specific, but the general topic of
"how do you design protocols atop TLS" and "how do you take a TCP
protocol and put it on top of TLS" seem relevant.

Huh.  Looking closely, I see that HTTP requires header-based framing
information when the request has a body - either Content-Length or
Transfer-Encoding.  And here I thought I had a pretty decent
understanding of basic HTTP.  Maybe I've just never hand-crafted a POST
request.  I learn something new every day.

Jordan Brown, Oracle Solaris

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