[openssl-users] Multiple client connection to Nginx server

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Dec 12 19:59:38 UTC 2018

ASHIQUE CK <ckashiquekvk at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are using a Crypto Accelerator Engine to offload AESGCM and RSA
> parameters. Trying to connect multiple clients simultaneously with a
> single Nginx server, which is using this accelerator. The Key and IV

You probably need to tell us:

1) which engine?  did you write this engine?
2) whose driver?
3) what version of openssl?
4) what version of nginx?
5) how did you observe the problem you described?
6) is it different for, for instance, apache?  or some other server software?

> is passing only at handshake, and after handshake this set of key and
> IV is using for all encryption and decryption. So at Engine side, we
> are storing this Key and IV to a buffer and while
> encrypting/decrypting , this Key and IV is used from this buffer. But,
> while multiple client connects, the last saved Key/IV is getting for
> all clients.
> So, is there any way to get a unique ID foer each client connection ?
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