[openssl-users] FooCrypt, 0.0.1, Core, 10.11.0, using OpenSSL Cypher Engines.

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Tue Feb 13 06:05:46 UTC 2018


On the eve of the first sitting of the Australian Parliament for the 
calendar year 2018, FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption : 
https://www.fookey.net/store/p881/FooCrypt_0.0.1_Core_10.11.0_Darwin has 
been published in accordance with the criminalization of cryptology in 

Documentation and high level specifications available via :

The FooKey Method


OpenSSL is the DEFAULT cypher engine for use with all 
FooCrypt,0.0.1,Core releases.

A quick break down :

Operating System instance security model constraints ( 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX Applicable security models )
Programming languages security constraints ( Tcl/Tk, KSH, C, Expect )
POSIX compliance constraints ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX )

FooCrypt runs from ANYWHERE, expect ANYWHERE BUT
Software keyboard & software mouse clicks which are all internal to the 
programming language
View able text controlled by colour schemes
Identifiable cursor positioning
Binary key sources are unlimited
Random data key sources are unlimited
Key length per encryption cycle of the cypher is maxed
Cypher selection is limited to any available cypher engine you have 
access to
Number of total cycles are only constrained by time and hardware 
50 cycles ( layers ) of encryption is the DEFAULT configuration which 
contains 25650 total characters, 24250 random / binary sourced 
characters @ 512 characters per cycle, protected by MD5 Checksums, which 
is encrypted in a single cycle ( layer ) of encryption by DEFAULT.

Currently release for macOS 10.11+

Scheduled for release on :

Solaris ( Sparc / x86 [ Hypervisor running { live / customised SOE}  ] )
Linux ( x86 [ Hypervisor running { live / customised SOE}  ] )

Windows, utilising either the Solaris or Linux Hypervisor solutions. No 
network, shared local mount point to the host due to proliferation of 
Windows MALWare, etc



Mark A. Lane

Cryptopocalypse NOW 01 04 2016

Volumes 0.0 NOW available through iTunes - iBooks @ 

Cryptopocalypse NOW is the TRUE story behind the trials and tribulations 
encountered in creating "FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical 
Encryption." due to the Australian Government's ( led by Malcolm 
Turnbull ) criminalisation of encryption technologies on the 1st of 
April, 2016, as told by a Convicted Hacker.

"FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption." is aimed at hardening 
several commonly used Symmetric Open Source Encryption methods so that 
they are hardened to a standard that is commonly termed 'QUANTUM 

"FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption." is currently under 
export control by the Australian Department of Defence Defence Export 
Controls Office due to the listing of Cryptology as a ‘Dual Use’ 
Technology as per the ‘Wassenaar Arrangement’

Limited Edition Collectors versions and Hard Back Editions are available 
via the store on http://www.foocrypt.net/

© Mark A. Lane 1980 - 2018, All Rights Reserved.
© FooCrypt 1980 - 2018, All Rights Reserved.
© FooCrypt, A Tale of Cynical Cyclical Encryption. 1980 - 2018, All 
Rights Reserved.
© Cryptopocalypse 1980 - 2018, All Rights Reserved.

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