[openssl-users] 1.1.1 pre1 tests failing on Solaris SPARC

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Tue Feb 20 18:50:06 UTC 2018

On 20/02/18 01:36 PM, Norm Green wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> You're right, I did modify the config file, sorry.  I did it so long ago 
> I had forgotten.  I will email it to you shortly.

Not a problem .. everyone does.

I mean look at this mess if you don't :

corv $ ./Configure shared zlib threads solaris64-sparcv9-cc
Perl v5.10.0 required--this is only v5.8.4, stopped at ./Configure line 12.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./Configure line 12.
corv $

uh huh.

I have newer perl I built myself but I generally start with the baseline
  system stuff .. which is covered in dust and mold :

corv $ /usr/local/bin/perl -V
Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 26 subversion 0) configuration:

So ... this will be fun.


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