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Jakob Bohm jb-openssl at wisemo.com
Tue Jul 17 03:02:48 UTC 2018

On 16/07/2018 21:02, Carl-Valentin Schmitt wrote:
> Up to recent time it was that Command passwd involved mcrypt. Right?
> Will soon OpenSSL substitute mcrypt?
> Or is OpenSSL too big for this?
I guess you are referring to the libmcrypt, a cryptographic
library which is kind of an alternative to OpenSSL's
"libcrypto" (formerly libeay).

I also presume this is about the OS level "passwd" command
in some *N*X system, like Linux or BSD.

If so, this would be up to the maintainers of that system
command on that *N*X OS distribution to decide if they want
to switch from using libmcrypt to using the OpenSSL 1.1.x's
libcrypto to implement the standard cryptographic primitives
involved in the *N*X password hashing schemes.

In practice it should also be noted that there are often
additional layers behind the passwd(1) command, such as PAM
and libcrypt (no O or M).  So the actual decision to use
libmcrypt, libcrypto or any other library would probably be
up to the maintainer of that lower system layer.


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