[openssl-users] 2 openssl installed?

Jan Just Keijser janjust at nikhef.nl
Tue Jun 12 16:30:08 UTC 2018


On 07/06/18 06:14, Sampei wrote:
> t’s a server installed many many years ago and there are applications 
> which are no used.
> Server is too late and I have new server (latest Centos 6) for 
> migrating where I installed latest version.
> I’d like to take to new server all certificate database (certificated 
> included) which I created.
> Openssl is only tool to create test certificates.
> I don’t know if there are apps which are using the e configs, but I 
> think no.
this has little to do with OpenSSL itself and more with PKI management. 
Basically, your problem seems to be that you have an older server and 
you don't know where the certificates and private keys (i.e. the PKI) 
were stored. What you need to do, is find out where the certifcates are 
held, together with the index.txt file. In order to do so, you could use 
something like
   find / -name '*.pem'
   find / -name index.txt
and check all directories where such files are found. This will be a 
lengthy process, as the find command has to traverse the entire filesystem.

good luck,


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