[openssl-users] exporting the certificate with the .pfx

Harold Huggins director at CforED.com
Fri Jun 15 23:18:10 UTC 2018

Hi, Everyone, 

We are having issues exporting the certificate with the .pfx 

Error  printout log file as follows: 

OpenSSL> pkcs12 -export -out "cfored.pfx" -inkey
-in "mergeredcertificate.crt"
Usage: pkcs12 [options]
where options are
-export output PKCS12 file
-chain add certificate chain
-inkey file private key if not infile
-certfile f add all certs in f
-CApath arg - PEM format directory of CA's
-CAfile arg - PEM format file of CA's
-name "name" use name as friendly name
-caname "nm" use nm as CA friendly name (can be used more than once).
-in infile input filename
-out outfile output filename
-noout don't output anything, just verify.
-nomacver don't verify MAC.
-nocerts don't output certificates.
-clcerts only output client certificates.
-cacerts only output CA certificates.
-nokeys don't output private keys.
-info give info about PKCS#12 structure.
-des encrypt private keys with DES
-des3 encrypt private keys with triple DES (default)
-idea encrypt private keys with idea
-seed encrypt private keys with seed
-aes128, -aes192, -aes256
encrypt PEM output with cbc aes
-camellia128, -camellia192, -camellia256
encrypt PEM output with cbc camellia
-nodes don't encrypt private keys
-noiter don't use encryption iteration
-nomaciter don't use MAC iteration
-maciter use MAC iteration
-nomac don't generate MAC
-twopass separate MAC, encryption passwords
-descert encrypt PKCS#12 certificates with triple DES (default RC2-40)
-certpbe alg specify certificate PBE algorithm (default RC2-40)
-keypbe alg specify private key PBE algorithm (default 3DES)
-macalg alg digest algorithm used in MAC (default SHA1)
-keyex set MS key exchange type
-keysig set MS key signature type
-password p set import/export password source
-passin p input file pass phrase source
-passout p output file pass phrase source
-engine e use engine e, possibly a hardware device.
-rand file;file;...
load the file (or the files in the directory) into
the random number generator
-CSP name Microsoft CSP name
-LMK Add local machine keyset attribute to private key
error in pkcs12

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