[openssl-users] OpenSSL FIPS Object Module 2.0 on CD

Mark Minnoch mark at keypair.us
Wed Jun 20 23:35:40 UTC 2018

I'm responding to a previous post about obtaining a CD of the OpenSSL FIPS
Object Module from KeyPair Consulting rather than directly from OpenSSL.
The question is:

> Just curious, but does this satisfy Section 6.6 of the User Guide,
> since the CD does not come directly from the OpenSSL Foundation?

That's a great question. KeyPair Consulting will send a copy of the OpenSSL
FOM on CD to people that choose not to use the following options:

The best way to get the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module distribution is directly
from OpenSSL at https://www.openssl.org/source/

The second best way is to get the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module CD directly
from OpenSSL (as described in the OpenSSL FOM Security Policy and User

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