[openssl-users] Payload-checksum in PEM?

etc at coderhacks.com etc at coderhacks.com
Thu Mar 8 16:25:52 UTC 2018


I have a verification-error in a SMIME-message and I try to check 
manually the checksums of the payload.

Here is my strategy - but I do not know it is even possible.

# openssl cms -sign -in myfile.txt -md md5 -signer cer.txt -inkey 
key.txt -outform PEM > pem.txt

# md5sum myfile.txt

Can I expect to find the md5sum checksum somewhere in the ASN1 of pem.txt???

# openssl asn1parse -in pem.txt

As far I see it is not there - but maybe it is just a quick step to it?

Thanks for help!

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