[openssl-users] MIME-canonicalization

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
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> I think I found the reason for the problem.
> SMIME_read_CMS does convert any single LF to a CRLF.

Have you verified that the file actually contains bare LFs, and not CRLFs?

If you're running on Windows, beware the CRLF conversions done by the C library. For example, if you write a file using a file BIO that was created using a FILE* from a text-mode fopen, that file will have LFs converted to CRLF on output. You need to open the file in binary mode, or call _setmode on the FILE* before writing to it.

SMIME_read_CMS just calls SMIME_read_ASN1, which ultimately does a bunch of BIO_gets, which calls the gets method on the BIO object. A file BIO's gets method just calls fgets. So if there's translation happening, it would appear to be in the C runtime.

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