[openssl-users] get type of PEM data

Jordan Brown openssl at jordan.maileater.net
Thu Mar 29 00:10:40 UTC 2018

Thanks, all.

Michael:  Yeah, that was my fallback idea, but I really didn't want my
application to have to know about every "---BEGIN" line for every type
of private key.  (And similarly if there's more than one kind of
certificate, but I don't think there is.)
Viktor, Richard:  PEM_read_bio certainly helps, avoids the chore
associated with discarding leading noise, but as above I was hoping to
not need to know about every type of private key.
Matt:  Indeed, looks very promising.  Now if only we were on 1.1.1 :-(. 
I'm a little surprised that it doesn't read from a BIO.

So, net, there's stuff in 1.0.x that will help and stuff in 1.1.x that
will likely do exactly what I need.  That answers my question, thanks!

Jordan Brown, Oracle Solaris

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