[openssl-users] In-place encryption/decryption via the EVP_* APIs

Terry Chong terry.y.t.chong at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 22:46:52 UTC 2018

Hi, I am planning on using EVP_* APIs to encrypt/decrypt my data.  One
thing I am wondering about is whether I can do in-place encryption, meaning
I don't have to pay the price of an extra memory buffer to store my cipher
text and a potential memcpy back to the source buffer.

I tried that with the EVP_* APIs by essentially passing in the same buffer
to the plaintext and cipher text input pointers, and it seems to work. I am
using AES XTS mode, and I understand that that may not work if I were to
use a different mode.

I am wondering if this behavior for AES XTS that allows in-place
encryption/decryption is going to stay?
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