[openssl-users] Problem with x509_verify_certificate

Ken OpenSSL at k-h.us
Tue Nov 20 06:31:40 UTC 2018

Are you saying to test with "openssl s_client -connect ..."?

I don't think I know how to interpret all of the output from that, but 
it looked to me like it was saying everything was okay when I tried it 
earlier (with no changes).

I just tried it again with -CApath pointing to an empty directory, and 
-CAfile pointing to a new copy of the root CA certificate, which I just 
downloaded from the provider - I do not see any difference in the output.

Then, I tried again, pointing to an incorrect CA - then I see some 
errors: "verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate"

So, it seems to me like, without any changes, s_client -connect says the 
certificate is fine, but the application using x509_verify_certificate 
thinks something is wrong....

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>> On Nov 19, 2018, at 1:15 AM, Ken <OpenSSL at k-h.us> wrote:
>> There are no stale intermediate certificates on my computer.
> The evidence suggests otherwise.
>> Also, strace shows that it is looking for the correct CA certificate
>> (/var/lib/ca-certificates/openssl/4bfab552.0), and being told that it
>> exists - but with the newer version of openssl, it never tries to open
>> the CA certificate (the older version does).
> The newer code uses a "trusted first" policy, which means that the
> intermediate certificate comes from the trust store, not the peer.
> When it fails to validate (as reported, the failure is verifying
> the issuer, not leaf certificate) one can reasonably conclude that
> there's something wrong with an intermediate issuer certificate in
> the trust store.
> You can check by creating a new file that contains just
> the expected root CA and nothing else, and setting CAfile to
> that, and CApath to an empty directory.  Please report the results.

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