[openssl-users] error message oddity

Viktor Dukhovni openssl-users at dukhovni.org
Sun Nov 25 21:30:13 UTC 2018

> On Nov 25, 2018, at 4:23 PM, Jeremy Harris <jgh at wizmail.org> wrote:
> That isn't the package name, it is text defined in openssl/opensslv.h

That happens when "OPENSSL_FIPS" is defined:

  # define OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER  0x101000b0L
  # ifdef OPENSSL_FIPS
  #  define OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT    "OpenSSL 1.1.0k-fips-dev  xx XXX xxxx"
  # else
  #  define OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT    "OpenSSL 1.1.0k-dev  xx XXX xxxx"
  # endif

Given no FIPS for 1.1.x, perhaps that "#ifdef" should be "#if 0".  With
1.1.x the "Configure" arguments should not mention "fips".


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