[openssl-users] How to get OCSP response in CMS through openssl library in C++

장진화 gdejin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 08:00:49 UTC 2018

> Hello,
> I've been developing some broadcast apps signing logic on a TV.
> Actually, I should receive and verify the signing information such as
> certificates and ocsp responses which are included in CMS signed data
> format.
> These application data are sent to TV with certain frequency without
> internet connection. And, CMS signed data is attached to SMIME.
> So, I succeeded to extract and use the certificates through
> "CMS_get1_certs" to use it on verification processes.
> But, in case of ocsp responses I do not know how to get it.
> I've tried to extract OCSP responses through
> "STACK_OF(CMS_RevocationInfoChoice) *crls;" ,
> "CMS_OtherRevocationInfoFormat *other;" and etc in CMS_Signed_data, but
> failed.
> Not only it's a private, but also Most of apis related to
> CMS_OtherRevocationInfoFormat are unaccessible.
> Could you help me to solve this problem??
> p.s. In contrast, as for crls there is an efficient api named
> "CMS_get1_crls".
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