[openssl-users] Reg: [Crash inside SSL_CTX_free ()]

Saimohan Gajula saimohangajula at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 05:12:40 UTC 2018


We are encountering the crash inside the SSL_CTX_free(). Any leads for the
solution will be greatly appreciated.

We are using openssl 1_0_2 and  libcrypto.so.1.0.0.

Please help us know if anyone else also faced this issue earlier.

Kindly find the Stack trace for your reference

Stack: #0 0x00007fc013fae51d in lh_insert () from
#1 0x00007fc013ef74f9 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64/libcrypto.so.1.0.0
#2 0x00007fc013ef7ed2 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64/libcrypto.so.1.0.0
#3 0x00007fc013fdd879 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64/libcrypto.so.1.0.0
#4 0x00007fc013fe2530 in asn1_item_combine_free () from
#5 0x00007fc013fe27a4 in ASN1_item_free () from
#6 0x00007fc0140063d1 in ?? () from /lib/x86_64/libcrypto.so.1.0.0
#7 0x00007fc013fae001 in sk_pop_free () from /lib/x86_64/libcrypto.so.1.0.0
#8 0x00007fc0140068f4 in X509_STORE_free () from
#9 0x00007fc01433ef12 in SSL_CTX_free () from /lib/x86_64/libssl.so.1.0.0

Thanks for your help!!!

Best Regards,
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