[openssl-users] Version negotiation failure failure?

Jordan Brown openssl at jordan.maileater.net
Sat Sep 1 01:14:25 UTC 2018

We're trying to nail down error reporting for TLS version mismatches,
and we're seeing a couple of puzzling behaviors.

First, and most puzzling... assume these two command lines:

    $ openssl s_server -cert 2018.08.31.a.pem -key 2018.08.31.a.key -no_tls1

    $ openssl s_client -connect zel.us.oracle.com:4433 -tls1

That is, I have a server that won't accept TLSv1.0, and a client that
will only accept TLSv1.0.

On the server side I see

    1:error:14076102:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unsupported

which makes perfect sense.  On the client side I see

    4294956672:error:1409E0E5:SSL routines:ssl3_write_bytes:ssl
    handshake failure:s3_pkt.c:659:

which isn't as good, but is still sort of sensible.  But when I look at
the packets exchanged, I see that the client sends a Client Hello, and
the server responds with an ACK and then a FIN-ACK, with no data.  It
just hangs up the phone.  This seems to violate RFC 5246 section E.1: 
"If server supports (or is willing to use) only versions greater than
client_version, it MUST send a "protocol_version" alert message and
close the connection.".  Where's my protocol version alert?

Of course my real case does not involve the sample client and server -
it involves my own clients and servers - but I seem to see the same
behavior with several servers (notably including the Apache httpd).

This looks like it's the same as
https://rt.openssl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2777 .  I'm using 1.0.2o. 
(But I don't see anything relevant-looking in the 1.0.2p changes.)  I've
seen similar behavior from 1.0.2o-fips.

Am I missing something here, or is this a server-side bug?

And then, on the client side...

SSL_connect returns zero.  Exactly how that failure differs from a
less-than-zero error is not clear, but OK.  The docs say to call
SSL_get_error().  SSL_get_error() returns 5, SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL.  (That
seems a little strange, since I don't think there's any system call
errors here.)  The docs say to consult the error queue and errno. 
ERR_peek_last_error( ) returns zero.  Errno is zero.  It failed, but
nobody will tell me why.

Am I missing something here, or is this a client library bug?

(I have not tracked down exactly how the s_client tool ends up with a
message.  It seems to use a more intricate mechanism than SSL_connect.)

Jordan Brown, Oracle Solaris

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