[openssl-users] s_server -www -tls1_3: Firefox/Chrome not working

Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd angus at magsys.co.uk
Wed Sep 12 16:40:00 UTC 2018

> Some Chrome browsers seem to be hitting https://www.tls13.net/ 
> with versions from Chrome/70.0.3534.4 upwards to Chrome/71.0.3544.0

Some of my public web servers are now on yesterday's version, three
TLSv1.3 users today, two with Firefox 63, one with

I seem to be on Chromium Chrome/70.0.3538.9 and TLSv1.3 did not
initially work, had to go to experimental flags to change from draft 28
and final and now it does work.  


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