[openssl-users] s_server -www -tls1_3: Firefox/Chrome not working

Juan Isoza jisoza at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 20:46:18 UTC 2018

As I understand and check:

https://www.tls13.net accept connexion from final openssl-1.1.1 (RFC8446)
but not from openssl-1.1.1 pre8 (draft 28)

https://tls13.crypto.mozilla.org accept connexion from openssl-1.1.1 pre8
(draft 28) but not from final openssl-1.1.1 (RFC8446)

https://www.facebook.com accept connexion from both openssl-1.1.1 pre8
(draft 28) and from final openssl-1.1.1 (RFC8446)

Current public release of chrome and firefox uses draft 28


I tested ios 12 GM (published today) on an iPhone and it seem not using TLS
1.3 :-(
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