[openssl-users] Certificate format question?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Tue Sep 25 18:57:24 UTC 2018

Viktor Dukhovni wrote in <5D44B1E9-CDB3-49C1-A3E5-4AB0D889C40F at dukhovni.org>:
 |That particular parser tries to parse an arbitrary single
 |PEM-encoded object, rather than a first object of a particular
 |type (as with "pkey", "req", "x509", ...).  The code for that
 |is more specialized, and does support leading free-form text.
 |While it could skip to the first boundary, and a well written
 |pull request would be welcome, it is not critical for asn1parse
 |to be able to ignore free-form text above the PEM object.
 |In the meantime:
 |   $ perl -ne 'print if (/^-----BEGIN/../^-----END/);' foo.pem |
 |       openssl asn1parse

The RFC 7468 term "parsers SHOULD ignore whitespace and other non-
base64 characters" makes me wonder.  I know (or used to know) that
the OpenSSL base64 decoder is (or was) pretty bad in doing so.
But this RFC is about PKIX specifics, of course, yet i (as a MUA
maintainer) struggled with how to deal with embedded data in
base64 encodings, and this RFC seems to explicitly allow them.
And i struggled because i have seen mail messages with data
embedded in base64; the rewrite of the MIME encoder (MUA commit
[d91a4bd0]), necessary to deal with those sequences. says a. o.:

    In both cases: except that we, due to lack of a context, cannot
    give an error message, say, once per handled message.  I.e., we
    cannot provide any error logging in order to avoid a possibly
    infinite amount of such messages.
    Regarding the garbage in base64 parts that we now simply skip.
    I mean, it is possible to embed abuse porn or similar shit in
    between the valid data, and now we _also_ simply skip over the
    "garbage", silently extraditing our users to automatic parsers
    which may gobble that s..t!

Also because the mutt(1) MUA is pretty good in skipping over

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