ASN1_CTX usage in openssl 1.1.0

Swamy J-S swamy.j-s at
Thu Apr 11 12:06:29 UTC 2019

I have upgraded openssl from 1.0.2n to 1.1.0g on Ubuntu 18.04 recently. My application uses openssl. Now during build am facing some issues.

i used "EVP_MD_CTX ctx" earlier and now i modified it has

"EVP_MD_CTX *ctx

ctx=EVP_MD_CTX_new()" and this is working fine.

And i used "ASN1_CTX ctx" but this is not working if modify like above. And during build its suggesting to use "ASN1_SCTX ctx" but if I use this then I get error in "M_ASN1_New_Malloc"

So how to modify "ASN1_CTX ctx" in openssl 1.1.0g.

Also am getting error as /usr/include/openssl/asn1_mac.h:10:2: error: #error "This file is obsolete; please update your software."

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