Error in M_ASN1_New_of function in openssl 1.1.0g

Swamy J-S swamy.j-s at
Fri Apr 19 09:38:27 UTC 2019

I upgraded openssl from 1.0.2n to 1.1.0g in Linux recently and am getting some errors in code because many of the openssl functions are deprecated in new version. One such function is malloc function which is M_ASN1_New_Malloc(Poll, CertInfo) which was defined in asn1_mac.h

After openssl upgradation, i searched alternate function to "M_ASN1_New_Malloc" and i changed my code as below
CertInfo *Poll = NULL;
Poll = M_ASN1_New_of(CertInfo)

When i build my code am getting error as undefined reference to 'CertInfo_it'.

I don't why its adding "_it" to CertInfo unnecessarily**.

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