Subject: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: dh key too small

Marcelo Lauxen marcelolauxen16 at
Wed Aug 28 21:20:49 UTC 2019

  Our server runs with DH key size of 2048 bits and we are trying to make
requests with httparty( to a server
that uses DH key size of 1024 bits, i want to now for what reason we are
getting this error SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: dh key too
small, it's because different DH key sizes? 🤔

We haven't control of the server who are using DH key size of 1048 bits.

I've opened the same issue on httparty, but seems not a problem
with httparty and something with OpenSSL.

Currently our server is using *OpenSSL 1.1.1c*, but before we was
using *OpenSSL
1.1.0j* and this error doesn't happen. Is OpenSSL blocking the
communication between our server who uses DH 2048 bits and the other server
who uses DH 1024 bits (weak Diffie-Hellman)? If yes, is it reported in

Our server SSL Labs results:

Server who we are trying make requests:

How we can handle with this?
I would be happy if anyone can help me with this. :(

Att, Marcelo.
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