OpenSSL source modification

Shamatrin Dmitriy justnoxx at
Fri Dec 13 16:46:32 UTC 2019


I have few questions related to openssl distribution.

Let's say that I need this: <>

For my application to keep working.

Could someone please help me with these questions?

Is that ok to apply this patch to my openssl library and ship it with application (in binary form)?
Is this a license violation, if I do so?
Do I need to mention my changes and share them with users?
May this patch lead to issues for users of my application under any conditions? I.e. does it mean that patching openssl is a security violation?
Is that possible to achieve the same result without openssl source code modification, by configuration flags.
If it is not possible, is that an issue to create a pull request and propose to make these options configurable?

Please, consider that I am trying to avoid openssl source modification.

Kindly appreciate answers for my questions.


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