Backporting KTLS to 1.1.1

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Dec 13 23:52:17 UTC 2019

I've recently been working on adding support for kernel TLS offload
to FreeBSD and have some patches merged into master already along
with a couple of open reviews (and at least one other patchset in

With the recent-ish announcement of 3.0's release being delayed,
I'm curious if OpenSSL would consider accepting patches to backport
KTLS to 1.1.1 or if that is too large a feature to consider
backporting?  (I'm not really familiar with OpenSSL's norms in
terms of what gets merged.)  I will probably end up doing the work
no matter what and if "it depends" is the answer then I can come
up with a candidate patch series.

John Baldwin

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