[openssl-users] How to use a specific ip interface while testing TLS/SSL connectivity.

Scott Neugroschl scott_n at xypro.com
Mon Feb 11 16:31:07 UTC 2019

Hi Rajinder,

Have you tried the “socket_transport_name_set” call in your main program?


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Thanks Mark for the prompt reply. Absolutely makes sense. Actually, i am on Nonstop HPE servers. There are no internal routing tables or so to say static routes. Environment is different from unix/linux.

From Application perspective, we choose what ip interface to use.

Wondering if we can force the openssl to use specific interface?


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Hi Rajinder

There shouldn’t be any issues depending on how your host OS is performing the routing to the network the SSL/TLS endpoint is on.

Try a tracerout to the IP to see where it goes, and a telnet IP 80 or 443 to make sure you can connect to the web server.



Mark A. Lane

On 9 Feb 2019, at 04:20, Rajinder Pal Singh <rajin6594 at gmail.com<mailto:rajin6594 at gmail.com>> wrote:


I want to use a specific ip interface (out of several available ethernet interfaces available on my server) to test TLS/SSL connectivity to a remote server.

Wondering if its possible?

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