[openssl-users] OpenSSL 3.0 and FIPS Update

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Wed Feb 13 19:12:18 UTC 2019

On 13/02/2019 17:32, Jakob Bohm via openssl-users wrote:
> On 13/02/2019 12:26, Matt Caswell wrote:
>> Please see my blog post for an OpenSSL 3.0 and FIPS Update:
>> https://www.openssl.org/blog/blog/2019/02/13/FIPS-update/
>> Matt
> Given this announcement, a few questions arise:
> - How will a FIPS provider in the main tarball ensure compliance
>  with the strict code delivery and non-change requirements of the
>  CMVP (what was previously satisfied by distributing physical
>  copies of the FIPS canister source code, and sites compiling this
>  in a highly controlled environment to produce a golden canister)?

My understanding is that physical distribution is no longer a requirement.

> - Will there be a reasonable transition period where users of the
>  old FIPS-validated module can transition to the new module (meaning
>  that both modules are validated and usable with a supported
>  FIPS-capable OpenSSL library)?  I imagine that applications relying
>  on the existing FIPS canister will need some time to quality test
>  their code with all the API changes from OpenSSL 1.0.x to OpenSSL
>  3.0.x .  OS distributions will also need some time to roll out the
>  resulting feature updates to end users.

The old FIPS module will remain validated for some time to come, so both the old
and new modules will be validated at the same time for a while. 1.0.2 will go
EOL at the end of this year. The intention is that 3.0 will be available before
that. It's not yet clear exactly when 3.0 will become available and what the
overlap with 1.0.2 will be so I don't have an answer at this stage for
transition period.


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