shared libraries vs test cases

Michael Richardson mcr at
Wed Feb 27 23:57:12 UTC 2019

Richard Levitte <levitte at> wrote:
    >> Running LDD on the binaries in test/* shows that they appear to link against
    >> the "system" copies of libssl and libcrypto.
    >> Perhaps something I'm missing is setting up LD_PRELOAD or some such so that
    >> the tests run the local copy of libssl/libcrypto, but I can't find that.
    >> Am I missing something?
    >> This is, I think, making it very difficult for me to bisect a problem.
    >> It seems to me that the test cases ought to be statically linked to make
    >> it easiest to know what code they are running.  (This also makes it slightly
    >> easier to use gdb on them)

    > There's a script called util/ that you place first on the
    > command line:

    > ./util/ test/whatevertest

    > ./util/ ldd test/whatevertest

    > ./util/ gdb test/whatevertest

And another email says that this is done by default for "make test".

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