Online docs have broken links

Paul Smith paul at
Thu Feb 28 19:48:02 UTC 2019

Not sure if anyone is aware or not, but many of the man pages on the site contain broken links.  Basically anywhere a man page
refers to a man page in a different section, the link is broken because
it uses the same section.

So for example:

is in section 7, but it refers to functions in section 3... however all
the links are broken because they still point to section 7.  See the
link in the second paragraph of the description to SSL_CTX_NEW, which
has this HTML linkage:

  <a href="/docs/man1.1.1/man7/SSL_CTX_new.html">SSL_CTX_new</a>

which does not exist; this should be .../man3/SSL_CTX_new.html instead.

I've found other links in the man3 section which want to refer to this
"ssl" page, and look for it in section 3 instead of section 7, also


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