Trying to get a public info for a certificate

Daniel Pedraza juanamichi at
Mon Jun 3 15:40:02 UTC 2019

Hi guys!

I'm trying to upgrade an old C project from OpenSSL 1.0.2 to the newest
1.1.1 version. Everything's going smoothly, except for one little detail:

There's a part of the code where we're doing a sha256 hash of the public
key of our certificate. On the older OpenSSL, we were able to get the
public key by doing cert->cert_info->key->public_key->data. On the newer
version, we no longer have access to the cert_info struct.

I tried doing:

EVP_PKEY * public_key = X509_get0_pubkey(cert);

this gives me an EVP_PKEY value, which I tried to convert to a char** by
doing this:

unsigned char *buf, *p;
int len = i2d_PublicKey(public_key, NULL);
buf = OPENSSL_malloc(len);
p = buf;
i2d_PublicKey(public_key, &p);

This gives me a buffer with the correct length, but it seems like it has
different data from what the public_key->data used to give me.

Granted, I am not very savvy with OpenSSL, or with ssl in general, so maybe
I'm doing something wrong/dumb? I've spent a fair bit of time on the
documentation/wiki but I can´t seem to find the answer. Seems to me like
this should be something very straightforward?

Any help would be v much appreciated

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