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Patrick Regnouf intera_91 at
Mon Jun 10 15:21:16 UTC 2019

Hello all, 
Hello all, 
Presently writing a server/relay dealing with an h264 stream.
one of the threads' job is to establish a handshake with the browser requesting the stream in order to feed the libsrtp2 with keys and salts and start encrypting the h264 stream towards the browser.
all is well and good when the program works on the linux PC and the handshake is succesful using the 0xc02f cipher. and that is linked to version 3.0.0 of openssl.
on the embedded version, (linked with version  1.0.2s)  firefox fails the handshake with ssl_no_shared_cipher whereas chrome and safari do successfully handshake
chrome client hello contains 12 ciphers and the server hello seems to choose 0xc02f cipher
firefox client hello contains only 10 ciphers (including the above mentioned 0xc02f cipher) and fails.
any suggestion as to what could causes that failure would be appreciated.

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