how to set flags in X509_NAME_ENTRY in OpenSSL 1.1.1

Blumenthal, Uri - 0553 - MITLL uri at
Wed Jun 19 03:21:03 UTC 2019

    > > For now the ASN.1 string is not an opaque structure.
    > Considering how OpenSSL design evolved, I suspect that the time may come
    > when this string would become opaque. Therefore, I suggest that
    > getter/setter functions should be added.
    Any thoughts about the interface?

Alas, since I don't have any experience actually using these flags, I don't consider myself competent suggesting the API here.

    Some flag bits look internal, and not necessarily ideal for applications to modify directly, so
    while these might do:
        long ASN1_STRING_get_flags(ASN1_STRING *);
        void ASN1_STRING_set_flags(ASN1_STRING *, long);
This makes sense. Also, if there are flags that users are likely to need - perhaps explicit getter/setter calls for those individual flags? This would lower the likelihood of erroneously affecting unintended flags by a "ricochet"...

    Perhaps all that's needed is:
        int ASN1_BIT_STRING_set_unused(ASN1_STRING *, int);
    which sets the unused bit count, checking that the ASN1_STRING type
    is V_ASN1_BIT_STRING and the count is in the range [0,7].
That I don't know. I can't figure how or why I would use ..._set_unused()... But as I said, my competence in this particular thing is low.
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