Validating RSA Random Probably Prime KAT !!

Hareesh D hareesh.sai at
Thu Jun 27 06:08:00 UTC 2019

Looks like BN_is_prime_ex() is the API to check this test.

On Wed, 26 Jun 2019, 18:59 Hareesh D, <hareesh.sai at> wrote:

> These is a testvector available in NIST Keyagrn_186-3_Random
> ProbablyPrime3_3_KAT.txt.
> Is it possible to verify this with OpenSSL1.1.1a. If yes, Can you please
> give the corresponding APIs to be used.
> I considered prandom, qrandom as factors p, q and tried checking RSA key
> generation with the mentioned exponent. But results are not as expected. I
> guess prandom, qrandom are to be used as only initial random prime numbers
> and see that key generation tries to generate a new random number when they
> are not meeting the criteria as mentioned in the *.txt file (reason as part
> of Result) .
> Just my assumption.
> Is this file really a test vector and implementations should comply? I see
> some info about this in rsa2vs.pdf (available in NIST) section
> How OpenSSL complies to this.
> Thanks !!
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