OpenSSL 3.0 vs. SSL 3.0

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Fri Mar 1 20:47:05 UTC 2019

On Wed 2019-02-27 16:02:32 +0100, Christian Heimes wrote:
> In my humble opinion, it's problematic and confusing to use "OpenSSL
> 3.0" for the next major version of OpenSSL and first release of
> OpenSSL with SSL 3.0 support.

Sigh.  You're right, but i wish you weren't. :)

Part of the problem of course is the "SSL" in "OpenSSL" itself, which
has held back the industry from adopting the more accurate "TLS" label.
But i understand the value of the brand, and why that won't be changed

fwiw, i support the suggestion to skip 3.0, and call it OpenSSL 4.0
directly.  Reducing confusion matters.


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