OpenVPNGui 2.4.7 fails: format error in certificate's notAfter field

Wolfgang Knauf WKnauf at
Mon Mar 4 08:08:30 UTC 2019


I first asked this question in the OpenVPNGui forum, and they redirected me to here: OpenVPNGui 2.4.6 works with a customers server certificate, but it fails when using 2.4.7.

Here is the thread in the OpenVPNGui forum:

The error is:
Thu Feb 28 08:48:50 2019 VERIFY ERROR: depth=0, error=format error in certificate's notAfter field: C=de, L=Dortmund, O=Versatel, CN=ASG_1, emailAddress=...

The certificate has those fields:
            Not Before: Oct 22 13:28:29 2009 GMT
            Not After : Mar  8 13:28:29 2037 GMT

The customer provided us with a "" file, a "....user.crt" file and a "user.key" file. But I fear it is not smart to post those files in the internet ;-).

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