How can I make openssl doesn't add a signed attribute "signingTime" when I sign a cms/cades singnature?

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Wed Mar 13 11:55:16 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

    I am working on a project about how to use openssl libs to implement a PAdES(whitch is based on CAdES) signature because I saw that the master branch of openssl has supported CAdES-BES signature. But now there is a problem I don't know how to solve it. So I am asking for some help.
    According to the PAdES reference, signing-time attribute in CMS signature shall not be present in a PAdES signature. In openssl libs, signing-time attribute is set in the function CMS_SignerInfo_sign. But I can't find a way to control it not to set  signing-time attribute. So I want to know if there is a way to not to set signing-time attribute or delete this attribute without changing the openssl source code.

Shiyao Liu 

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