Using (not building) openssl with mingw on Windows 10

Ken Goldman kgoldman at
Fri Mar 22 20:34:42 UTC 2019

On 3/22/2019 12:18 PM, Michael Wojcik wrote:
> I seem to have discarded some of your older messages. Did you ever
> send us the actual link command that's being used? Maybe that will
> throw some light on the problem.

"c:/program files/mingw/bin/gcc.exe" -D_MT -DTPM_WINDOWS -I.  -shared -o 
libibmtss.dll tssfile.o tsscryptoh.o tsscrypto.o tssprintcmd.o tss.o 
tssproperties.o tssmarshal.o tssauth.o tssutils.o tsssocket.o tssdev.o 
tsstransmit.o tssresponsecode.o tssccattributes.o tssprint.o Unmarshal.o 
CommandAttributeData.o tss20.o tssauth20.o Commands.o ntc2lib.o tssntc.o
-Wl,--out-implib,libibmtss.a "c:/program 
files/openssl64/lib/libcrypto.lib" "c:/program files/MinGW/lib/libws2_32.a"

tsscrypto.o: In function `TSS_Crypto_Init':
c:\Users\KennethGoldman\tpm2\utils/tsscrypto.c:109: undefined reference 
to `OPENSSL_init_crypto'
tsscrypto.o: In function `TSS_Hash_GetMd':
c:\Users\KennethGoldman\tpm2\utils/tsscrypto.c:133: undefined reference 
to `EVP_get_digestbyname'
continues for all OpenSSL function names


My guess is that this link snippet is wrong, but I don't know what it 
should be.

"c:/program files/openssl64/lib/libcrypto.lib"


For Openssl 32-bit, this worked, but the .a is not in the 64-bit Shining 
Light build.

"c:/program files/openssl/lib/mingw/libcrypto-1_1.a"

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