Reg Change in Error Code

ramakrushna mishra rama.krushna7 at
Fri May 3 15:18:05 UTC 2019


When client(openssl) is configured with TLSv1 and Server(java) was
configured with TLSv1_2, then in openssl version 1.1.0e we used to get the
error code : 337002677( 0x141640B5). But with openssl 1.1.1 upgrade the
error code changed to 337285301
(0x141A90B5). Moreover Earlier in java also we used to see
" Caused by: Remote host closed
connection during handshake " exception at the server end which is not seen

Following are my doubts.

1) Has anyone noticed this change ?
2) Where these error codes ( 337002677) and (337285301) defined ?
3) Why the java server will not throw the exception any more ?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Ram Krushna
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