Issue in linking Openssl1.1.1b to application

vin vinayashreeks18 at
Thu May 9 14:03:08 UTC 2019


I was using an application with openssl0.9.8k .The procedure i used to link
openssl to my application using visual studio -2008 was after building
openssl i was linking libeay32.lib and ssleay32.lib to my application and
including header files from include folder.

Now with openssl1.1.1b ,after building openssl I am linking openssl.lib
,libcrypto.lib and libssl.lib to my application and including header
files.Building application using visual studio 2008 .And when i try to
register that built dll in windows 7 32 bit machine ,its giving error as
"RegSvr32 : The module XXX.dll failed to load.  Make sure the binary is
stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the
binary or dependent .DLL files.

Can anyone please tell me whether the library linking is enough or any dll
linking needs to be done??
Any step i am missing please let me know?

Thanks in advance

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