Issue in linking Openssl1.1.1b to application

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Thu May 9 20:28:03 UTC 2019

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> Hi Ken
> Thanks for the reply.If I am not wrong ,You are asking me to set the path
> the dll in set path environment variable in testing machine (windows 7 32
> bit) right??


In the PATH environment variable.

> But the issue is if same dll built with openssl0.9.8k is registering
> properly in same test machine.

If 098 used the Shining Light installer, I recall that there was/is an
option to
install the dlls in the system area or not.  Perhaps you installed 098 in
system area but not 111.

> After replacing openssl libraries by openssl1.1.1b I am facing this
> I guess building dll using visual studio 2008 is missing some steps .

Oh, wait!!!  I didn't notice that you're building openssl yourself.  I've
always used Shining Light.  So it could be a problem in the way they're
being build.

> Can you please help me further??

Sure.  I have 1.1 working with Visual Studio, although I still can't get
1.1 64-bit working with mingw.
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