Issue in linking Openssl1.1.1b to application

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Fri May 10 13:04:17 UTC 2019

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> Date: 05/10/2019 12:44 AM
> Subject: Re: Issue in linking Openssl1.1.1b to application
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> Hi Ken
> I am almost struck in registering the built dll to windows 7 32 bit
> Can you provide me the details on which all openssl1.1.1b output lib
> and output dll files that needs to be linked to any application while
> building in visual studio??

With mingw, I specify this to the linker

c:/program files/openssl/lib/mingw/libcrypto-1_1.a

In Visual Studio,

Linker - Input - Additional Dependencies: libcrypto32mdd.lib
Linker - General - Additional Library Directory: c:\program files\openssl

However, it sounded like you were linking correctly, but Windows could
not find the dll at runtime.  That points to a PATH issue.

> Or any steps needs to be added while building openssl1.1.1b,I am
> the steps below
> Windows 32-bit
>    1. perl Configure VC-WIN32
>    2. nmake
>    3. nmake test
>    4. nmake install

I don't build myself.  I use Shining Light:
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